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He's handsome as hell.

how to answer the question. too hard

You’ll make your life easier by playing on Easy Mode. How you unlock it though? Well, the comments might hold a hint

I can't download it how do i?

There should be an orange button that says “Download”

Is there a walkthrough on the different names you can try? Like I did your hint but I don't like horror lgbt stories so i was wondering if anyone got a walkthrough on this?

There’s a fair few names that will work, but as for the Hard/Easy toggle? The names to try are Aoba and Daichi. Which toggles which? That’s for you to test.

Oh! And there’s also a Near Impossible mode as well. As to the name that’ll toggle that, well, the answer’s pretty close.

how's it going? did something happen with the next update

I had an error when testing the final build, but it’s been fixed. I’m hoping for the release to be this Easter!


any update?

I only see 1 quizzes till now and I am excited for the final product!! Where can I find the other 2 quiz

Try certain names. You might get an idea if you play the game this is tied to

urmm.... will this game ever be release later ?

does it always end with an earthquake or am i just terrible at answering 😅


For now it ends like that, but I'm hoping to soon let you all play the full game

Im guessing this is the same Rintaro from... the white dove something?

Eyup, same person, just younger. And while reading WtWDR isn't necessary, you'll see a few call-forwards. (As well as the Easy and Hard mode of the quiz being locked behind certain names)

I knew he looked similar! Thanks for pointing that out


Can't wait for the full release !! I am so ready 

I spent a fuckin hour cause I thought I got the questions wrong. Guess I'll just kill myself.

the question shown on the game page is actually pretty easy for a Chinese..let me download the game and see if there's other interesting points lol

Oh I know, but that one in particular is from the “Hard” version of the quiz, which also has some questions you can’t exactly Google.

I am so ready for the full release. Do you know when you might release it?


Its hard to say. We're aiming for sometime soon bu there's no real date I can give you. I promise the wait will be worth it though! Just be patient a little longer!

I long time laugh when find reference for Touhou) And I should say what this Demo is SUPER!

Aww c'mon you can't even tell me what I got wrong or right? Stupid earthquake lol.


Some answers give some sort of feedback. Usually, that means the choice you made was wrong (unless otherwise stated).

I like story and art. On my list of games to play. 

I can't wait to play the full version. Everything about this is perfect - the art is flawless, and everything fits together really well. If there is an option to support you by donating once the game is complete, you can count on me ;).


where can get full version

It’ll come out Soon™


The demo ends after the test or am i missing any answer?


Nope, that’s supposed to happen mostly because the CG’s aren’t done yet. As soon as they are, I’ll throw wide open the gates. But in the bright side, come the full version you can just jump to any ending you like as my way of thanking you for trying the demo version.

Please make an android version.

That’s actually coming up. Just need to tweak some things first

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Stupid earthquake :D

I was able to find 3 different quizzes, are there any more I might have missed?

Nope, just those three. One is the Easy mode, one is the Normal mode, and one is the Hard mode.

hey, just a quick question, is this BL?

Depends on what you mean. If by BL you mean “A game where the male MC can get together with another male” then yes.