A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

12 people have been taken into the forest with a PDA containing an objective, and a brace keeping a bomb implanted within them neutralized. Should they fail to complete the given objective, the bomb within them will detonate. However, things will not be so simple. Along with their objective, a special clause has been placed on each person; a Death Rule.
No one knows what the other Player's objectives are, or what Rule had been placed upon them. Being alone is a disadvantage, but in a deadly game such as this, how do you know who to trust?

But there is one more tale that is left to be told of that Last Game. It is one of hope. It is the story of the others, told through the eyes of the one person who was never given the chance to fight…


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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 23, 2017
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsHijiri, Iarumas
GenreVisual Novel, Survival
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Dark, Horror, Mystery, suspense, Thriller, Violent
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityBlind friendly


Overdrive Edition: Windows/Linux 239 MB
Overdrive Edition: Mac 222 MB

Install instructions

Extract the files inside the zip and run "DRLC Overdrive Editon.exe"

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Do I play Final Rule or Last Code first? 

Any order is fine, they’re self-contained stories with characters acting differently in them. Though just for reference: The Final Rule is much shorter than Lost Code, so I personally recommend starting there.

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I can't seem to get the 'extra' menu to open. I know I've read everything, or so I thought considering there were just a few amount of choices. I'm withholding any judgements for this game until I get what I want (lol). So, any help, please?

I had to lock that part because there was a few things in the Extras section that I needed to wait on. But the key part I wanted to push (the story updates) were pushed out in the initial release. I've been chugging along working to finish what I need. I'll probably just patch in the CG, music, and Character Info galleries and wait on the last few thing for the Extra Scenes.


Yeesss! Been waiting for this!